Fineti Dips & Sticks Fineti Dips & Sticks Fineti Dips & Sticks

Fineti Dips & Sticks

Two great products for great kids with a collectible toy in every pack! Fineti Dips, the crispy breadsticks to dip in a delicious hazelnut spread with cocoa. Fineti Sticks, the mini sized wafer sticks with rich hazelnut & cocoa filling!





Fineti Dips & Sticks "Cartoon"

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Time for fun!

All Ideas

Little house gardeners!

Grow beautiful pot plants as presents for your mum, your teacher or your friends!

Fantastic ice lollies

Do you love ice lollies? Learn how to make homemade ice lollies in your favourite flavours!

Your own money box!

Save your pocket money in your own handmade Fineti money box!

Colourful pencil pot set

Make an amazing pencil pot set for your desk!

Party time!

Everything will be special at your party. Even the juice cups!

Make you own string phone!

Make your own mobile phone and talk with your friends for as long as you want!

Artist’s palette

Because you can tell a good painter from his palette!

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